• Daniel Kamensky


    Founder & Board Member of Creditor Rights Coalition

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  • Daniel Kamensky has always been guided by an unwavering sense of right and wrong, fueling his lifelong dedication to fighting against injustice. In his formative years as a young teenager, he actively joined the Chicago Action for Soviet Jewry, wholeheartedly committed to raising awareness about the challenging circumstances faced by Jews living in the dangerous Soviet Union during the 1980s. Growing up in that tumultuous era, Kamensky witnessed the pervasive fear and anxiety experienced by the Jewish community, uncertain of their future. His deep concern propelled him to tirelessly assist his relatives in Russia, facilitating their emigration to the United States, a feat they accomplished in the late 1980s. With Kamensky's support, his extended family found employment and successfully adjusted to their new lives.


    Throughout his career, Mr. Kamensky has consistently striven to be a force multiplier for good, firmly believing in the power of charity and actively seeking to make a positive impact on the lives of others. His unyielding commitment to justice and helping those in need stems from his youth and a steadfast belief in the Jewish proverb, "Justice, Justice, Thou Shalt Pursue."


    Continuing to uphold these values, he dedicates himself to the Creditor Rights Coalition (CRC), a distinguished non-profit industry association focused on promoting transparency, accountability, and equal treatment for similarly situated creditors. The CRC works diligently to ensure fair and robust stakeholder participation in bankruptcy proceedings. By collaborating with the CRC, Daniel, an accomplished investor, and philanthropist, aims to bring about a more just outcome for all creditors involved in the bankruptcy process. Recognizing the significance of consistent "rules of the road," he emphasizes the importance of establishing clear expectations on how parties should treat one another


    Daniel notes that bankruptcy can be intimidating and unfamiliar territory. He rejects the notion of a winner-take-all scenario and stresses that the process is designed to be equitable, striving for fair outcomes for all involved. With his extensive career experience as an attorney and investor in the bankruptcy and restructuring industry, Kamensky is uniquely positioned to effect meaningful change.


    Kamensky's unwavering commitment to justice, charity, and positive transformation is evident in his work within the bankruptcy landscape. He channels his passion for fairness and equity, drawing from personal experiences and professional expertise, to make a lasting impact and advocate for a more just environment for all stakeholders involved.